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34 icons (including shareable interest icons and fashion)

I'm not going to comment on what a lousy maintainer/iconist I am =P but sorry about the long absence.

Here are the interest icons for elfandali, firefly_angel21, kisuncha and eternalphoenix_. Also my entries for fashionlims.

I have a new computer now with the PS3 and have been downloading loads of images, so hopefully I'll be posting less rarely than I do now :P (even though I must admit I feel a little bit rusty).

Thanks to the wonderful Susie for being such a sweetheart ;)

elfandali (Abbey Lee Kershaw, tigers, wheat fields, ladybirds..)

firefly_angel21 (Arctic fox, ocean, snow.)

kisuncha (Cats, daydreaming, London, Gemma Ward, Jessica Stam.)

eternalphoenix_ (Roads, thunderstorms, witches, owls, Hungary.)

With any luck you'll like at least one of these :P

Tags: icons: fashion, icons: stock
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